Some rambling on life’s unfairness to engineers


Some rambling on life’s unfairness to engineers

“Why to bother contributing to the economy if we don’t even get the recognition we deserve”-this line of thought has passed in some form or the other in the minds of everyone who has lived and continues to live. This is, of course, shows life ever changing rules and practices which confound the person to the utmost limits of his/her tolerance being a race of slow learners. A man has always had a nostalgia for the years passed over the future, their youth, the simpler times of their father s(most of the time), but this is not true to the fundamental nature of human nature which is to persist and continue to better things and with often better feelings. To get to those places, certain pains have to be endured, they sometimes come in the form of tests like JEE MAIN. If it’s the case of a private college like the curriculum is entirely different. Some institutes like LPU needs, LPUNEST 2018 to be written. Engineering can be seen as daunting to some and impossible to others

This not only the problem of engineering however as the choices (permitted under threat of expulsion) is doctor or lawyer, one about saving lives and the other saving a man from the law. Each has their own thorns and pretty smells, but the one that that takes the cake in terms of societal acceptance is engineering.  Engineering is the best for of all sort of reasons, that being said the worst kind of ignorance is believing engineering doesn’t matter anymore in the eyes of the public who deem such works as old hat or not as good as doctors or lawyers. ‘Poppycock” or the modern iteration of the word might apt to these arguments.

The better one has to consider the various goodness engineering has provided us the more he finds himself in awe of the accomplishments it has provided. The Williamsburg Bridger KAL VIADUCT, Mubarak, Egypt are some of the greatest examples the history has provided. To lament about change or progress is understandable but ultimately pointless as it’s changing that propels people and civilization forward and not ideas or fanciful dreams of the better times. One such problem is the need for the MBA degrees for the people  who dream of making money while not being an entrepreneur yes  the problems exist of writing more exams and the  financial costs it incurs one must know it is a necessary pain one must endure like pregnancy before the child is born one must first embrace the fact they will be a proud mother or father of their infant  irrespective of whether they originally  entertained being a parent or not, is not important to the solution they are seeking thus must do the necessary and that is how the cookie crumbles.

So pull up your boots, sharpen your pencils, remember your formulas, gird your loins take a deep breath and slay the monster that is the engineering course and claim your prize at the top. For anything worth the secret curses to your parents or your studious rival who has never heard your name or the host of teachers or professors who told you were wrong, who wilful do not see you raise your hand to answer a question or any is worth getting in the end. This is to charitably say that the go-getters are most rewarded in life.


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