Qualify UGC NET in English Literature without Coaching


UGC NET 2018 is scheduled to be held on July 8, 2018. The exam determines the eligibility of Indian candidates for the profile of Assistant Professor or for Junior Research Fellowship & Assistant Professor or both.

This is a benchmark examination that will access your knowledge in different subjects, language, writing skills and speed. CBSE UGC NET 2018 is considered as one of the toughest exams to crack and needs proper guidance coupled with hard work to be qualified.

Coaching is a bliss for those who avail it, however, many prefer to study on their own or are unable to take out time for extra classes. Candidates can study for the examination without coaching as well. Below we have discussed on how one can prepare for UGC NET in English Literature without having to attend coaching classes.

Understanding key concepts

English literature consists of both analytical questions as well as content-based questions. So a good amount of time is required to get familiar with various aspects of the reading material. One needs to be familiar with key terms (e.g. irony, figurative language, alliteration). Understanding some of these key concepts is important.

Your preparation has to be in a particular order.

  • Know the analytical as well as content based questions
  • Get to know the language
  • Understand the literary terms
  • Reread the texts
  • Summarise each chapter

Syllabus & Exam Pattern

The first and foremost thing to do is to be familiar with the syllabus. NET is administered in three phases (one paper in each phase). Paper-I consists of general aptitude questions while Paper-II and III contain questions related to the concerned subject. Review all the topics which need to be covered for scoring good marks along with the complete UGC NET syllabus.

Know the Basics

The basis is the key. In case of English Literature, one might have to go in depth and memorize the name of authors, their major works along with the period in which they lived. Furthermore, you must be in control of your grammar and vocabulary.

 Refer to Good Books

A great number of books are available for the aspirants in both online and offline mode. Choose the books that are best for you according to the syllabus. Look out for the index page and make sure the books cover most of the topics mentioned in your syllabus. One can also check out the reviews for the books before making any purchases. In case you are still confused about which book to choose from, connect with people on different forums for suggestions on books.

Some good books to prepare for UGC NET English Literature are given below:

  • Trueman’s Specific Series NET English Literature
  • Trueman’s UGC NET English Literature Paperback
  • CBSE-UGC-NET: English (Previous Papers Solved) Paperback – 2016
  • UGC NET English Book Arihant
  • Vishal’s Ugc Net English Literature book for Objective Questions With Answers for Paper 2 and 3- By Amita Rawlley Thaman
  • English Literature for UGC-NET Paper-3- By CBH EXPERTS
  • An Objective History of English Literature Through Multiple-Choice Questions (for UGC-NET/SLET,TGT & PGT) Paperback- By B.Jain
  • English For UGC-NET/JRF/SLET (Paper II And III) And Other Competitive Examinations- by R. S. Malik

Prepare Notes

Preparing short notes is the best way to practice your syllabus in a short span of time. This practice can also help you later at the time of revision. Write down important points and facts to make things easy to refer. Highlight important headings and lines to make revision easier.

Set a Time-Table

Making a proper schedule is a must. UGC NET exam has three papers, Paper 1, 2 & 3. Segregate the time for each paper, this way you will always be organized. Setting a time table can also help you stay efficient in your studies. There will be less wastage of time as you will always have a routine to adhere to.

Try to Teach Someone

The best way to test your knowledge, and know how much you’ve learnt is by teaching someone else. This will help in assimilating and memorizing better. Helping others in understanding difficult topics and solving tough questions will help you retain all what you have studied. This will also help build confidence.

Time Management

Schedule your daily routine at priority basis and allocate separate time to every section of syllabus to reduce confusion. It is not necessary to study all the time, just make sure you fully concentrate and focus on what you are reading during your study hours. Invest at least 4-5 hours daily. Manage time for daily revision of what you have read the entire day.

Stay Updated

Keep yourself updated with current affairs and recent news about UGC NET Exam. Candidates should have complete knowledge regarding their concerned UGC NET Subject.

Solve previous years question papers

Study and solve previous years UGC NET question papers online to test your knowledge. You may also join online test series and mock test papers for self-assessment. This helps in getting familiar with the exam pattern.

Don’t Be a Bookworm!

Don’t stay glued to your books all throughout the day. Take breaks at regular intervals and do not isolate yourself from family and friends. Stay relaxed, eat well, pursue some hobbies or involve yourself in some activities which will keep stress at bay.

Boost Your Confidence Level

It is very normal to get nervous before exams. But thorough preparation will solve your anxiety issues. Being thoroughly prepared will boost your confidence and hence making it easier to score well.

Understand the Exam Pattern

One must be familiar with the exam pattern in order to score in the examination.

UGC NET English Literature consists of two question papers Paper II and Paper III (Parts-A & B). UGC NET English Paper II will cover 50 Objective Type Questions (Multiple choice, Matching type, True and False, Assert-Reasoning type) carrying 100 marks.

UGC NET English Paper III will have two Parts-A and B; Paper III-A will have 10 Short Essay type questions (300 words) carrying 16 marks each. The paper will include one question with internal choice from each unit (i.e. 10 questions from 10 units; Total marks will be 160).

UGC NET English Paper III-B will be compulsory and there will be one question from each of the Electives. The candidate will attempt only one question (one Elective only in 800 words) carrying 40 marks. Total marks of UGC NET English Paper III will be 200.

Syllabus for UGC NET English Literature 2018

UGC NET English Paper II

  • Chaucer to Shakespeare
  • Jacobean to Restoration Periods
  • Augustan Age: 18th Century Literature
  • Romantic Period
  • Victorian Period
  • Modern Period
  • Contemporary Period
  • American and other non-British
  • Literature’s Literary Theory and Criticism
  • Rhetoric and Prosody

UGC NET English Paper III-A (Core Group)

British Literature from Chaucer to the present day, Criticism and Literary Theory.

Unit-I: Literary Comprehension

With an internal choice of poetry stanza and prose passage; four comprehension questions will be asked carrying 4 marks each.

Unit-II: Up to the Renaissance

Unit-III: Jacobean to Restoration Periods

Unit-IV: Augustan Age 18th Century Literature

Unit-V: Romantic Period

Unit-VI: Victorian and Pre-Raphaelites

Unit-VII: Modem British Literature

Unit-VIII: Contemporary British Literature

Unit-IX: Literary Theory and Criticism up to T. S. Eliot

Unit-X: Contemporary Theory

UGC NET English Paper III-B (Elective or Optional)


History of English Language, English Language Teaching.


European Literature from Classical Age to the 20th Century.


Indian writing in English and Indian Literature in English translation.


American and other non-British English Literatures. Elective-V: Literary Theory and Criticism.


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