Language learning for Gen-next: Top 3 ways to learn foreign languages


Language learning for Gen-next

In today’s globalizing world, being bilingual or polyglot is a skill that enhances your desirability as a potential job candidate. While many want to take up a new language course for skill updation or as a hobby, only a few actually succeed. The chief reasons for the apparent failure remain the lack of time to commute to classrooms owing to busy lifestyle and monotonous curriculum.Language learning for Gen-next

However, the growth of technology for educational use has transformed the way in which people learn and access education. This is particularly true for languages, an area in which the explosion of mobile apps and interactive software has provided choice to a range of people who were previously unable to access foreign language education.

We bring you top 3 ways you can learn a foreign online, with just a device connected to the Internet. Take a look:

Mobile Apps

Learning a new language with mobile apps is helpful and fun because you’ll always have them at your fingertips. So a few minutes waiting for an appointment gives you time to complete a lesson. Whether you’re learning a language to be able to order a meal on your next vacation, communicate with a friend in his native language, or simply want to add a skill set to your resume, these free language learning apps are a great way to reach your goal.

DuoLingo is one such app. It is perhaps one of the more well-known options on the list. Designed more like a game than a course, DuoLingo is a fun way to squeeze in language learning on your lunch breaks or whenever you would otherwise be playing Candy Crush. DuoLingo focuses on making language learning intuitive. You can also connect with friends and family through Facebook.

Virtual Classroom

There are numerous virtual classrooms out there, where those who want to learn foreign languages can study no matter where they are in the world. All you need are an Internet connection, and you’re on your way. Virtual classroom provides you a more flexible approach to learn a language that fits with your busy schedule but still allows you to develop your language skills whenever you have free time.

Apart from existing virtual classrooms, a pioneer in language learning, inlingua New Delhi is all set to start virtual classroom program of its own. inlingua virtual classroom program has been curated especially to provide a seamless learning experience to the students. The program will feature a plethora of interactive activities apart from living online classes with inlingua New Delhi faculty.

Interactive language learning websites

Interactive language learning websites allow you to learn more without making it a chore. These websites give you a chance to apply your language skills by chatting, playing games, clicking through fun videos and much more. Not only does this make your study time more effective, it also motivates you to keep moving forward.

FluentU is one of the most popular language learning website. FluentU’s unique platform focuses on language immersion, which is something language learners of all levels need. It offers real-world videos in your target language such as movie trailers, music videos, inspiring talks and more. FluentU then transforms those videos into an interactive language learning experience.

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