How to Make Career in Engineering- Tips to Select Right Career


How to Make Career in Engineering

From Micro to Macro manufacturing units or Medical to R&D organizations, engineers are needed everywhere. The Manufacturing and Research industry is hard to imagine to grow without properly skilled workmen and technicians. There are lakhs of fresh learners and engineering hopefuls ready to step into their dream job. There are still many of the skilled candidates who remain short of the right career path. Here is How to Make Career in Engineering for such hopefuls that demarcates and highlights supportive Tips to select Right Career in Engineering.How to Make career in Engineering

It is common to notice kids’ preference these times when they are asked what they want to be after 12th with Science. The answer shall be Engineering; probably some BE/B.Tech./Master Degree and later on, a well-reputed, high paid job. But, honestly how many of those young and eager minds of tomorrow succeed to see themselves where they once imagined? The answer to that is known to most of us, the year a few students succeed and manage to get a hold of their “Dream Job”. In the age of stiff and break-neck competition, Building and Engineering sector never goes out in the pitfall of recession or economy collapse. Hence, the primary choice of every student is to be an Engineering Professional and secure their career as earlier as possible. Though a question still persists in one’s mind leading to the only conclusion that is, How to Make Career in Engineering after Graduation.

Career Options after 12th for Science, Arts & Commerce Students

In the following sections, aspirants shall be provided with the noteworthy guidelines, directions, and significant Tips to Select Right Career in Engineering. Since India is constantly growing Nation with the staggering number of engineering colleges and institutions. And every year, the number of Engineering Graduates amplifies to a new record. With Degree and Diploma in Engineering is becoming the top priority for science scholars, it is also gravely important to seek Best Career Options After Engineering on the student’ part. Key thing is to set on a specific path that is relevant and utilizing the right set of particular knowledge one gained at the college respectively.

Things to Look before deciding final Job/Career Path

  • Monthly salary / Salary Package /Allowances/ Gratuity
  • Bonuses
  • Pension Post Retirement
  • Provident Funds
  • Insurance

Tips to Select Right Career in Engineering Elaborated

Never Miss Campus Placement Selections

These days, colleges have started a trend of carrying out campus interviews partnering with multiple companies including foreign organizations. Now, plus point for students is they get recognized for their talent at the earliest and would not have to wait for any better opportunity. The shortlisted candidates then entertain perks and allowances being an integral part of the organization. Students thus should never miss out on such opportunities and need to participate in such.

Knowledge/Skills First Incentive Later

So often, we see many of the Science and Technology graduates have to choose different Career Options After Engineering. For example, they join Banking Sector, Private Jobs, and most common or to be more honest, the BPO/KPO sector. One of the leading causes of their concerns is to utilize their time. It is like, meanwhile, we are searching for a proper career track why not try in these private sectors. Thinking to join different MNCs and IPOs, KPOs, BPOs, etc. they aim to keep browsing and wait till the right workplace is found. Financial requirements are put first after all. But, unfortunately, the jobs that some find part-time are turned into full time later on hence, the profession what one seeks, stays out of the picture. There are a major proportion of Tech graduates that is employed in Call Centres and unsure of their future career aspects. Here are some handful tips one can follow to avoid such career downfalls and prepare to set a sail to jobs and career pavement.

Prior Speculation and Job Research

Since the world is Internet-ruled in this age, the perfect job is not too far away from you. We recommend the engineering aspirants to start researching for the well-established organization during the final year and term-end exams. Better now that late; it is a hard nut to crack to get into a reputed rapidly growing company being a fresher. Good news is there are internship programmes in support of new and fresh pass outs and various internship programmes offered by MNCs. Mostly, a candidate shall be paid a stipend only to incur traveling or rental expenses. However, with the passage of time and gaining experience, the company trains and skills the freshers to build them into an employable contestant. The benefit is that organization prefers these interns and trainees to work with them in future.

Career Planning is Essential

Opting a career wherein you grow alongside the company, is one of the wildest dreams for the concerned graduates. However, not all the jobs are that much promising. In most of the cases, an individual gets attracted towards a job is because, the salary package is peachy, regardless of how secured and ensuring this job is. Be it a little late, but try not to be fall for a job that is based on stipulations or agreements that were not disclosed to you during the time of joining the company. The famous names in the career-oriented industry stress on skilling the employees first and foremost. The package may not seem to attract you at first but is directly proportional to the work experience you gain therein. Thus, plan to acquire such job regardless of what is paid.

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Inculcate Additional Employability Skills

Knowledge never rests useless. Having an additional professional grasp is like having another pair of safety gloves. In the meantime, you need to capitalize on your employability skills, such as socializing and improving your presentation skills apart from technical knowledge. Job-oriented employees are most likely to be hired and promoted as to those who have limited skill-set. Learn extra, but thoroughly and practically.

Setting Goals and Aims Are Crucial

If you have pre-decided what you have to do right after completing your degree, only then can you be able to crack hardest interviews or examinations, otherwise, unfortunately, the path leads to random jobs that might not even interest later. There are many options available for engineers that to need full consideration and careful preparation. Here are some best-suited options according to the Acquired degree.

Government Sector (IT/Mechanical/Electrical/E&C/Aeronautical/Automobile/CS etc.):

UPSC, SSC, State Selection Commission and Government owned ventures and enterprises such as Power Corporation Limited etc. Other Public Sector organizations are as follows.

  • GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering)
  • SAIL (Steel Authority of India Limited)
  • HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited)
  • BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited)
  • BEL (Bharat Electronics Limited)
  • ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited)
  • Metro Rail Corporation
  • Indian Railways

Private Sector Organizations (IT/CS/Mechanical/Electrical etc.):

Not all but few organizations have been proven the best alternative to a government sector job. The best way to set a dependable and firm career path is applying for such companies. Few names are as follows.

  • ITC Limited
  • TCS
  • Wipro
  • HCL
  • IBM
  • DELL

Some Other Info About How to Make career in Engineering

For every sector, information is smoothly delivered to the aspirants via internet media Same As How to Make Career in Engineering. Each organization employs a gateway made accessible to general visitors and career-seekers. They need to be familiar with the upcoming or ongoing placement processes through these official web portals.

Note: There are vastly many options to start a bright career with; that said opportunities are endless. Knowledge and practical skills need to be honed from time to time as per the demand of growing technology and emerging tech sector. So there is some important detail about How to Make Career in Engineering and Some Tips to Select Right Career.

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