How to choose your stream after 10th- Best Stream After 10th Standard


How to choose your stream after 10th

The 10th standard is an important point in the life of an Indian student. It is at this point that a student has to decide about his/her future. This is a question that pops up in front of many students- ‘ How to choose your stream after 10th which stream to select after 10th?’. Talking about streams after 10th, there are three main ones available- Science, Commerce and Arts. It is quite natural for students to get confused at this juncture. This article will guide you and help you select the right stream. Here, I’ve mentioned some tips and advice, using which, you will be able to find the stream that suits you the best!How to choose your stream after 10th

Talking about the streams available after 10th, the most popular stream has to be science stream! But just pursuing it because it is a well known stream is not a good idea. Before selecting a stream, one needs to look at some factors. To be honest, this process of choosing the path correctly is an art! I will list some basic things that you’ll have to look into, before arriving at a conclusion and choosing a stream! Here we go:

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Give Attention To Your Aptitude, Strengths And Personality:

Students must be realistic while making a choice for streams after 10th. Adequate attention must be given to one’s aptitude. If you are very weak in science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology), you will have a tough time facing the subjects present in science stream. Find out more about your strong points (academic) and choose streams based on such strengths.

Know And Understand The Streams Inside Out:

Without knowing details about the streams (such as subjects, difficulty level, career paths etc), you will not be able to find out which one of them suits you best. When you have both sets of data ready, you may sit down, analyze and arrive at a conclusion. The 03 main streams (PUC) are available in India. They are-

  • Science Stream
  • Commerce Stream
  • Arts Stream

Make Use Of Educational Counselling:

A qualified educational counsellor can easily understand students thinking and find a stream that suits you best. It will also help your parents get an idea about the whole process. Both students and their parents must get involved in this process. Teachers certainly know more about you than just your name. Based on this knowledge and their teaching background, they may be able to guide you further about How to choose your stream after 10th.

Give Attention To Your Passion/Area Of Interest:

Hey friends it is the fact ‘Do what you love’ which is a good policy to follow. Now think about your area of interest. Of course there could be more than just one entry. After that, make the list shorter. Eliminate entries one by one and in the end you will be left with one entry that you will be best fit for you.

Check Career Prospects, Scope And Possibilities Related To A Stream:

Dear students if you are a bright student with great academic record kindly analyze each stream and check out career prospects associated with it. Now, some streams give access to diverse job opportunities you must focus on them to choose for further studies.

Make Use Of Field Trips:

Dear students you need to know the importance of field trip which is related to the career you’re interested in. Guys an example will certainly help you to easily understand Make Use Of Field Trips.

For example– Lets us consider if you want to become a Doctor than field trip will help you find whether the work environment will suit you or not. Visit nearest hospital and take note of the work environment of a Doctor. You may also take note of his/her schedule. If necessary, you may also indulge in a chat session and learn more about the trade from the Doctor.

If you want to became a engineer you just meet an engineer and know with him the tasks to accomplish by him/ her in the organization.

NOTE: Hey young students, hope you have now understand How to choose your stream after 10th. Stay tuned with this portal for more such updates.


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