Common Questions Asked In Interview- Sample Questions with Answers


Common Questions Asked In Interview

If you are a prospective joinee in the dream organization, then you need to be prepared for the questionnaire to be put before you so as to test your legibility. The dream job is not an easy find that is to admit. Expecting the unexpected questions and falling just short of your dream is hard enough to accept. Interviewees must not be puzzled by the queries nor be too nervous about what they should say or talk in response to what is being asked. Compiling most of the Common Questions Asked In Interview, and these Sample Interview Questions will surely be remarkably helpful to the candidates in future from the aspect of a tough interview.Common Questions Asked In Interview

Some of most Common Questions Asked In Interview are:

  • Can you tell us something about yourself?
  • Why do you Want to Work with us?
  • Why do you want to switch to a different Career Path?
  • How did you come to Know about this Company/Job?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What are your Strengths and Weakness?
  • Why did you leave your previous Organization?

Given above are the Sample Interview Questions with Answers described in the following sections one-by-one. These Common Questions Asked In Interview are arranged in the sequence as put forth in the interviewers’ list. Some might have encountered these questions generally, and maybe a couple of the questions may get you by surprise. Let us discuss each in a further elaborated and assistive manner.

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Can You Tell Us About Yourself?

Interviewers begin with this Common Interview Question and are targeted to testing communication skills of an interviewee. Besides the communication skills, recruiters also may assess your explanatory skills. How briefly you describe yourself in terms of a personality as well as professional is what matters.

Solution: Be briefly summarizing, Keep the introduction up to 3-5 sentences long.

Personal Details May include Birthplace/hometown, Early Education, and Higher Education, Professional Skills, Extra Skillset, and Recent Achievements.

How did you come to Know about this Company/Job?

The next, conversation gets intensifying level-by-level since the recruiter gains interest with getting sensible replies. To continue the topics and talks, this next question is handed to the candidates too often.

Way to Answer: Stay honest and state the referential source e.g. Newspaper/Internet/Recommendation/ Email etc.

Tip: Stay honest and talk about the original sources.

Why do you Want to Work with us?

Let’s be honest, no recruiter would be interested in knowing whether your geographic location, salary, work atmosphere, or timing is the leading reason to join in here. The primary answer needs to be legibly more convenient.

Helpful Suggestions: Talk about the workforce employed and your skills that can confluence with meeting the company’s demanding needs for further growth in a way that is feasible for both the employee and employer.

Helpful Solutions: Describe how your skills and knowledge aligns with the organizational structure and the future prospects of this you apply for.

Why do you want to switch to a different Career Path?

So this is the hardest and trickiest question of all and for most of the interviewees. It is, after all, a strong point to be made from a recruiter’s standpoint the HR Manager would need something that suffices your reason taking a big step in your career.

Ample Advice: Never let the employer realize that this job what you are able to fit in or the salary and perks invoked you to apply here. If you are from a technical background and want to explore more in R&D or Marketing, be smart answering with, “It has always been my second best interest to go for this profile, now I want to switch permanently.

Why should we hire you?

Another intriguing question stays on a recruiters’ mind most of the times and is also one of the most Commonly Asked Questions Interviews. Don’t be too elaborative nor too exaggerating while discussing your achievements and recent accomplishments. This is also where you need to have done some research about the organization and lay down your thoughts assuming what comes after you join in.

Start like This: Begin by stating your current positions and how you want to improvise being settled at another place. Focus on the role and its significance in the workplace and your quality to perform giving and receiving compliments. Allow the HR manager to know about your skills and how you can turn out to be effective and bonafide candidates for this job profile.

What are your Strengths and Weakness?

This is another out of the Box question is regarding your personal, ethical, and professional attitude. And be advised to expect this question in every interview you are about to face. Strengths obviously focus on the attributes that enable you to be uniquely identifiable. But the frowns get heavier and one gets to answer about the Weakness. This is part one needs to be cautious of their words. It is all about how well you curate the words and turn the aspects from the blue zone to the lighter one.

Handy Tips: You may add a few points like seeing evenly balanced things, striving to get things done with perfection, and or workaholic.

Avoid: Negative feedback/ talks/comments or mentioning your weakness too deep, is not a good way to answer, hence leads the recruiter to strike-off another point.

Why did you leave your Previous Organization?

Last of all, is another nail-biter for all the contestants, though the most troublesome yet one of the Commonly Asked Questions in Interviews. This is sort of question that one has to answer with perfection, honesty, as well as modesty. Why is the reason you decided to be here? So why not say it rather lightly and positively.

Helpful Words: Do not let the emotions take over while answering; never bad mouth about the current/previous employer, just remember where you are sitting is also an employer, and one would never want to agree with what you say.

You may Answer With: Under the current or previous circumstances, there was possible growth, or you want to escalate your skills and productive efforts best in the company’s interests or want to stay in a more stabilized organization like this seeking further motivation and the new set of challenges.

Must Avoid Presenting: the Bad image of the former employer, workmates, inadequacy or resources or staff, or whatever that needs improvement.

These All are some of the Common Questions Asked In Interview, we hope you get some of the ideas about it and give your Best.

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