Are people in India aware about Online Aptitude Test?


Aptitude tests have recently been able to make its mark in the competitive world. It steadily became a benchmark which is to be cleared by every candidate. It is also a very common method for the companies to determine the reaction of a candidate in conventional and non-conventional settings. It is basically an assessment regarding the overall suitability of a particular position.

Generally online aptitude tests can be bifurcated into two major categories like ability and character. Ability to understand the problematic situations and the requisite characteristics to solve them! We have come up with some important tips which might help you successful clearance of these aptitude tests:

  • Practice – Practices make a man perfect. This saying goes very well with the aptitude tests. If you wish to clear your tests successfully, then you should start practicing them online in advance.
  • Tools – Get yourself geared up properly before appearing for an aptitude test. The basic things like calculator, pencils, erasers, pens, watch, etc. should be kept ready and in a good working condition. They will prove to be helpful in saving your time and energy.
  • Assessments – Have a look at the last couple of year’s assessments. Try to solve the problems within a set time limit. By this you will get accustomed to the examination environment.
  • Information – Collect information regarding the type of tests you are expected to give. Also make sure you are clear about the time duration, examination centre and marking system of the test.
  • Peaceful Environment – Make sure you practice your test assessments in a peaceful environment. This will help you in concentrating on your studies and calculations. Giving complete attention to the problems and its solutions can help you concentrate better on the day of examinations as well.
  • Guidance – Make sure you read all the guidelines mentioned on the question paper before attempting the exam. It is very important to take care of these guidelines as you might save yourself from loss of marks. You can also write them in small bullet points on your paper itself for a quick reference.
  • Speed – You should keep in mind that the time limit has been set for a particular exam to test the attentiveness and presence of mind of the candidate. If you are stuck on a single question, then skip it and try attempting the next set off questions. This will save your time and energy that might get wasted on the questions which you were not sure of.
  • No Guesses – You must be aware about the fact that the aptitude tests do have a negative markings as well. That means if you are unable to understand the context of a question, its better not to attempt it. Because if you go with a wild guess, you might lose your score there. Many candidates have failed in using this trick and ended up in losing their marks there. So if you are not sure about the answer, either you move on or try concentrating and remember the answer.
  • Graphs – Give yourself some time in understanding the graphs, pie charts and tables given in the paper. Many a times only the information is given and he candidate has to draw inferences in the form of graphs, pie charts and tables. This will give you the exact answers of the questions asked.

These were some basic tips about clearing the aptitude tests online. You can successfully clear all your questions if you have practiced well in advance with all the old papers. All the best!


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